The Loyola Institute Curriculum

| January 20, 2010

Upon acceptance, students enrolled in The Loyola Institute must successfully complete:

  • One of two non-credit skills courses during the summer prior to 10th grade
  • One undergraduate course during the summer prior to 11th grade and 12th grade
  • Successful completion of two undergraduate classes during 12th grade (may need to attend classes outside of traditional high school hours)
  • The standard admissions process and acceptance to Le Moyne College.

Through The Loyola Institute, qualifying Catholic high school students are able to take Le Moyne undergraduate courses at a highly-discounted rate, plus the cost of books and supplies. An investment of just a few thousand dollars offers up to $58,000 in return upon completion of the program and acceptance into Le Moyne College. Students who do not opt to attend Le Moyne College should be able to transfer the 12 course credits to most colleges or universities, saving one semester’s worth of college tuition and room and board.

Category: Stewardship

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