Power of Prayer Brings Cat Home

| February 13, 2017

Each day at St. Patrick’s School in Oneida starts with morning prayer led by Principal Kristin Healt. Months ago, one student, Natalie Crouch had a special intention. Her cat, Tommy, was missing, and she desperately wished for his safe return, so she asked school community to ask for some divine intervention.

“I put him on the prayer list at school,” said Natalie, “and during the morning announcements, my principal would announce his name, and we would all pray for him.”

Eight months went by, and Natalie’s family did not have much hope that their beloved cat would return, but the students continued to keep Tommy in their prayers. And, then it happened! Eight months after he went missing, Tommy sauntered into the Canastota home of the McQuaid family and made himself comfortable on the couch. Through social media and friends, the McQuaids were able to track down the Crouch family of Oneida and reunite Tommy with Natalie. Soon, he was back home, and the students at St. Patrick’s were thrilled to hear their prayers had been answered.

“I pray for anything that the students write down on the prayer request list,” said Healt. “No matter how small we may think it is, it is important to them. And, it worked!”

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