MyStudentsProgress to Further Communication, Keep Parents Informed

| January 20, 2011

Bishop Grimes Prep Director of Guidance Susan Nedza thinks the web-based MyStudentsProgress helps further communication.

By Claudia Mathis

When the 2010-2011 school year began, the diocesan elementary schools and three of the five diocesan high schools began to utilize a new web-based student information system called By processing pertinent student information, the computer program facilitates communication among teachers, parents and admin­istrators, while also helping administrators better manage their schools. It also enables the Catholic Schools Office to generate student data reports. By the end of the year, every school will be using it.

MyStudentsProgress allows parents and students online access to students’ assignments, grades and activities from any computer with a connection to the Internet.

Cheryl Canfield, assistant superintendent, is managing the transition to the new program. She said the change to the new online program has gone smoothly. “Everyone has embraced it very well,” she said. “It’s user friendly. It’s very clear. It’s pleasant to look at, and each page has standard formatting.”

The program includes 20 different modules, which are online notification or tracking portals to provide information for teachers, parents and administrators. Modules include access to a student’s homework assignments, report card, conduct reports, attendance, after-school activity schedules, lunches and lunch account balances, as well as school calendars and bulletins. In addition, teachers can process their grade book information online, and teachers and administrators can communicate with parents through group e-mail announcements. Student information is locked and can only be accessed by each child’s parents. The parents’ accounts are very secure with each page specially encrypted, similar to a bank web site.

Bishop Grimes Prep is the only high school using the program’s parent portal. Susan Nedza, director of guidance, described the system as “fantastic.” By using the parent portal, parents can keep track of their children’s progress. They are aware if their children haven’t turned in their homework or if they failed to make up a test.

Nedza said that many parents look at the information along with their children. “The students learn responsibility because it helps them to see the impact of their efforts,” said Nedza. “It’s an amazing tool. It keeps the communication open between home and school.”

Cheri McEntee, mother of Grimes 7th grade student Joseph McEntee, agrees. “I find it very helpful in keeping Joseph on track,” said McEntee. “He can see the impact of not handing in his homework very quickly, and it allows me to address this with him.”

Michael Powers, principal at Rome Catholic School, said that Rome’s teachers and staff have all been trained to use the new system. The teachers are currently tracking daily attendance and grades on the new computer system and using it to generate report cards.

“We’re learning it step by step,” said Powers. “I’m looking forward to utilizing it even more — to make our accountability easier and to clearly define how well our school is doing in general.”

Claudia Mathis a staff writer for the Catholic Sun.

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