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| February 18, 2016


This past October marked the 50th anniversary of Gravissimum Educationis (Declaration on Christian Education), one of the 16 documents that came from the Second Vatican Council. Although a short document, it clearly states the importance of a Christian education. The document states, “A Christian education does not merely strive for the maturing of a human person as just now described, but has as its principal purpose this goal: that the baptized, while they are gradually introduced to the knowledge of the mystery of salvation, become ever more aware of the gift of Faith they have received, and that they learn in addition how to worship God the Father in spirit and truth (cf. John 4:23). Gravissium Educationis.

Educating the whole person is a hallmark of Catholic Schools. Our Catholic schools provide an excellent venue for providing the foundation of our faith to our young people and to their families. In every classroom, from Pre-K to 12th Grade, our students become better acquainted with Jesus Christ and our Catholic beliefs. Students not only receive quality instruction but are challenged to live their Catholic Faith in today’s world.

As you look through these pages, you will see a number of stories of academic innovation, community service and athletic events that are a few examples of ways our schools are forming the whole student. I thank all of our parents for entrusting their children into our care. I am most grateful to our pastors and parishioners who continue to support our Catholic schools.

Be assured of my prayers.

Cordially yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Robert J. Cunningham
Bishop of Syracuse

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