Class of ’10 Receives $26 Million in College Scholarships

| January 20, 2011

Last year, seniors from the five Catholic high schools who made up the Class of ’10 received more than $26 million in scholarships to attend over 200 colleges and universities across the nation. This figure does not only include financial aid but also merit based scholarship funds that reflect the outstanding achievement of our Catholic school students. Now attending college, several members of the Class of ’10 shared their appreciation for the opportunities afforded them by their Catholic school education.

“Coming from a large family of eight, it was necessary for me to earn scholarships in order to attend a college of my choice. I was attracted to DeSales University by its nationally acclaimed physician assistant program and the fact that it is a small Catholic college. However, I knew I would only be able to attend school there if I earned some scholarships. My education at Bishop Ludden gave me the ability to qualify for such scholarships, allowing me to attend DeSales University. At Bishop Ludden, I knew the teachers well and got personal attention and extra help from them. I was able to rearrange my courses so I could take courses that challenged me, and the service and faith core of the school allowed me to grow in my faith and was of important notice to the PA program director and the scholarship committee at DeSales. In addition to scholarships, DeSales awarded me a Catholic School Grant, which recognizes the sacrifice that parents make in order to send their children to Catholic school. I am extremely grateful for my Catholic education, without which I am certain I would not have been able to achieve my goal of attending DeSales University.”

—Melissa Buttner,
Bishop Ludden Junior/Senior High School,
Class of ’10, attending DeSales University

“I truly believe that my four years at Seton shaped me to become the person that I am today. Although I am still growing as an individual, Seton provided me with a strong foundation academically, as well as morally, to build upon for the rest of my life. Without the lessons I learned in the classroom, on the court, and even in the stands, I would not have developed the characteristics that qualified me for the scholarships I received for my entrance into college. I received an athletically based scholarship, and two merit/academic scholarships. The education that I received at Seton ultimately allowed me not only to get into the colleges that I got into, but also to face the challenges and revel in the successes of my life. I am having a wonderful experience at Boston College and feel confident that the foundation I have received at Seton has made the transition to college much easier.”

—Haley Farrell,
Seton Catholic Central High School,
Class of ’10, attending Boston College

“The overall Seton Catholic Central environment was a factor in the college scholarships I received. Both the encouragement of the faculty, staff, and students and the high standards that Seton Catholic Central upholds helped pushed me to my highest achievement potential in high school. The scholarships that I am currently using toward my college education would not be present if it were not for the solid foundation I gained as a part of a Catholic education. The rewards I am receiving cannot be attributed only to the work I have put in over the years but also to the structured, faith-based, and well-rounded environment that I was privileged to be a part of throughout my entire education.”

—Emily Edwards,
Seton Catholic Central High School,
Class of ’10, attending Stony Brook University

“We all know college is not a cheap thing. There were many stresses that went through my head when college started to get closer. I even stopped dancing, so I would have time to get a job. This was a very tough decision for me, considering it has been my life since I was 3. College was a priority to me, so I did whatever I could to help my parents out. When I had an opportunity to apply for a scholarship, I took it. I was so thankful to receive a scholarship. It helped me relax and be able to look forward to the whole college experience. Throughout my childhood, I was always taught morals. Most of my values were learned through the Catholic faith. I feel like people giving out scholarships look for respectful students who really show a passion for continuing their education. I was always taught, not only from my parents but also from Notre Dame, that you can be very intelligent, but you also have to be respectful and have good characteristics like a role model would.”

—Francesca Grimaldi,
Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School,
Class of ’10, attending SUNY Oswego

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