Christian Service A Way of Life in Catholic Schools

| January 20, 2011

Students from St. Patrick’s Elementary School, Oneida, visit residents of the Hazel Carpenter Home on a monthly basis to sing songs, participate in activities and forge friendships.

Schools in the Diocese of Syracuse perform countless hours of Christian Service each year. Here are some of the outstanding projects some of our students are working on:

St. Mary’s School, Cortland: It was a sweet holiday season at St. Mary’s School in Cortland, as students and faculty participated in the annual Catholic Charities Cookie Bake-off, designed to fill Christmas food baskets for the needy with yummy treats. St. Mary’s made the project a friendly competition, too, with classrooms competing to see which could bake the greater number of cookies.

St. Thomas Aquinas School: St. Thomas has a Christian service project that lasts all year long. Called the “Giving Tree,” the initiative asks families to contribute based on monthly themes. In October 2010, for example, the students collected dog and cat food for a local animal shelter. In November 2010, the “Giving Tree” was loaded with non-perishable food to be included in Thanksgiving baskets for the needy. And, in December, families at Samaritan House received soap, shampoo and toothpaste donated by the St. Thomas community.

St. John the Evangelist School: Second grade students at St. John the Evangelist School befriended 10 ophans in Haiti, following the devastating hurricane that struck the island in 2010. St. John students have put the names of the orphans on prayer cards that are used at daily prayer. During the month of October, the 2nd graders donated their allowances — $100 — to send to the Haitian orphanage, along with a class photo.

Holy Cross School: Students from Holy Cross School, Dewitt, developed a special partnership with students at the Cathedral Academy at Pompei during the Christmas season. CAP students visited Holy Cross for prayer, lunch, fun-filled activities and Christmas goodies. Holy Cross students also donated snacks to CAP’s after-school program.


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