Celebrating the Mission

| February 4, 2014

Student in churchWith the blessing of Bishop Robert J. Cunningham, we celebrated the shared Mission Statement of the 22 schools in the Diocese of Syracuse at the Opening of Schools Liturgy. Representatives from each of the schools who serve on the Middle States Accreditation System Planning Team recently penned the statement for the school system. The writing process served to remind us that, even though our schools may be located in various geographic areas, we share a common ministry. Whether we serve in elementary or secondary schools, we are members of faith communities committed to the education of the whole person.

In keeping with the Middle States accreditation process, and with a deliberate focus on faith formation, academic excellence, character develo­p­ment and physical education, we are striving to establish cultures of continuous improvement throughout the system. The mission statement, as well as the additional foundation documents of Belief Statements and Profile of the Graduate provides direction and guidance in goal setting.

Catholic Schools Of the Diocese Of Syracuse Mission Statement

The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Syracuse carry out the mission of Jesus Christ, bearing witness while proclaiming the Gospel message. Together with families and parishes, our schools provide an education rooted in the Gospel that is “living, conscious, and active” including values and ideals that are in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We empower our students to live their faith with compassion, integrity and respect for all life and the diversity of our world.

Our schools are faith-centered communities focused on promoting academic excellence while developing a strong moral conscience and embracing Catholic principles to enable students to meet lifelong challenges and demands in our rapidly changing world.

Approved, August 21, 2013
Most Rev. Robert J. Cunningham
Bishop of Syracuse

Profile of the Graduate

Graduates of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Syracuse will:


  • Knowing, understanding and promoting the Catholic faith
  • Protecting and nurturing human life at all stages
  • Exhibiting behavior and making decisions that reflect high moral character and values of our faith: integrity, honesty, self-control and concern for others
  • Serving God through service to others in society and the Church
  • Respecting the dignity of others, including those of other cultures and traditions, as modeled by Jesus, with acceptance, empathy, compassion, and loving all
  • Being good stewards of God’s gifts
  • Continuing to devote attention to their own ongoing faith formation and the evangelization of others
  • Providing leadership to the Church and future generations


  • Mastering a rigorous academic program with disciplined work and study skills
  • Continuing to build on a strong academic foundation provided in Catholic schools as life-long learners dedicated to academic excellence
  • Being effective communicators, orally, in written form, and in the use of technology
  • Using technology in an ethical manner to access information and share information
  • Demonstrating the acquisition of life skills that promote cooperation, creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving in a variety of settings
  • Taking active roles as responsible community leaders in order to make significant positive contributions
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for and support of the Arts

Belief Statements


  • Jesus is the Master Teacher and role model for educators.
  • Catholic schools carry out the educational mission of the Church and maintain healthy relationships with parishes.
  • Schools within the system are aware of and focused on the common mission of Catholic schools in our diocese; the Catholic Identity of our schools provides the added dimension of a Catholic school education.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children; Catholic schools work in partnership with parents to transmit our faith and values.
  • Teachers in our schools are prophets; they bring the Good news of God’s love and salvation.


  • Christ-centered environments support the healthy growth of the whole person: physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically.
  • Children learn at different rates and in different ways; each is a unique child of God.
  • Academic excellence is a worthwhile and attainable goal.
  • Quality athletic and extracurricular programs are important components of a comprehensive educational program.
  • Teachers in our schools are prophets; they bring the Good news of God’s love and salvation.
  • Teachers should be immersed in collaborative professional learning communities that foster growth in all areas of responsibilities.
  • Our school cultures should promote continuous improvement of individuals and programs.
  • Schools within the system should be aligned in regard to educational programs while adhering to National, State and Diocesan standards.


  • Schools should practice sound fiscal and responsible stewardship practices.
  • Students should develop leadership skills that enable them to be responsible citizens who serve others.
  • Catholic schools teach students to be stewards of the gifts and talents God has given them.
  • Students should have a sense of responsibility for the environment and all of God’s gifts.

Students at Cathedral Academy at PompeiSOCIAL WE BELIEVE THAT…

  • Students should be taught to view all people as the family of God; appreciation and respect for diversity is necessary for Christian behavior.
  • School communities should foster the growth of caring, compassionate, and morally sound individuals who follow God’s command to love one another.

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