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| April 16, 2015

Photo of kids making sandwichesOne of the reasons the Catholic Schools Office publishes Pillars magazine each year is to share just why “Catholic Schools Work.” It’s not just a tagline in our advertising. We believe it—and each and every article in this issue explains why it’s true. We asked students, faculty, alumni and other proud supporters of Catholic education to tell us why they think Catholic schools work, and here are some of the answers we received.

“I like Catholic School because we are all friends. Also, our teachers are really smart, so we learn a lot. My dad went to Catholic school, so I am following in his footsteps.”
Lyla McIntyre,
Grade 2, Holy Cross School

“We are teaching our Kindergarten students from an early age to give to others. One way we accomplish this mission is to make sandwiches for the Catholic Charity men’s shelter each month. You can see on their faces that the children know they are answering the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ and letting their light shine.”
Karen Sparkes,
Kindergarten Teacher, Holy Family School, Syracuse

“Catholic schools are able to teach about God, so we have a stronger relationship with God. We have a community of families and kids who are more respectful. We practice virtues and hold fundraisers to help others.”
Matthew Brancato,
Student Council President, Trinity Catholic School

Photo of kids praying“My teachers and my principal are the best and they help me. And we do lots of fun things— the whole school together. And we pray together—the whole school.”
Jace Gattari,
Grade 1, Rome Catholic School

“As a religious sister, teaching the various academics is a joy and mission in a Catholic school. I easily include our God in science (look at the awesome chemistry). In history, we know that He walks with us in our choices dealing with other cultures. Even in English, we realize the beauty of words that can inspire us and have a positive effect on people in today’s world.”
Sr. Bernadette Joseph,
6th Grade Teacher, St. Mary’s Academy, Baldwinsville

“For my birthday, I asked my friends and family to bring things for the food pantry at St. Rose instead of giving me presents. We learn in school how important it is to give, not get, and it made me feel good to help.”
Benjamin Rose,
Grade 2, St. Rose of Lima School

Photo of child at foodbank“I like that I can pray to God before snack and lunch,”
Serafina De Souza,
Grade 1, All Saints Catholic School

“Catholic schools are individualized for the needs of the children. We are getting a super education along with religion. There are guidelines and rules and everyone works together. My children tell me the rules at home, and we can’t eat dinner if we haven’t remembered to say grace!”
Diana D’Aargenio,
Parent of Alumnus and Grandmother of Current Students at Rome Catholic School

“It’s important because we learn about God and Jesus. We learn how to act and to treat others in a kind and caring way. We learn to behave with respect, respon­sibility and safety.”
Leslie Longo,
Grade 6, Notre Dame Elementary School

“Imagine your life as a building. Catholic schools are like the foundation. Would you rather build your life on rock or sand?”
Samuel Moheimani,
Grade 8, St. Mary’s School, Cortland

“Catholic schools are a safe and nurturing environment where my children are taught the values that I subscribe to as a Catholic.”
Susan Locke,
Parent, All Saints Catholic School

“To my way of thinking, there was never a choice when I was deciding where to send my children to school. I wanted them to have the best education and to learn good socialization skills. Most of all, I wanted the faith formation that Catholic schools provide! I certainly found the best available in the Catholic school system.”
Cindy Forte,
Teacher’s Aide, Notre Dame Elementary School

Photo of kids using tablet“Our Catholic schools work in partnership with parents to promote academics enriched by values and faith formation. Our mission statement calls for ‘academic excellence’ and enabling ‘students to meet lifelong challenges.’ We recognize that excellence in all areas of Catholic school education does not happen by chance but by design; the Middle States accreditation process guides the development of strategic planning that supports our efforts to fulfill our mission.”
Barb Messina,
Internal Coordinator for Accreditation, Catholic Schools Office

“As an alumnus of Broome County Catholic Schools, I believe that the education I received prepared me to live my faith, not just know my faith. Academically, I sailed through college because of the solid foundation I had in Catholic school. As a faculty member of 30 years, Catholic education has been my life’s vocation. To teach, love and nurture as Jesus did has been the driving force in my life. The Catholic school system gives me the opportunity to do this.”
Celeste Savage,
2nd Grade Teacher, St. John The Evangelist School

Photo of child with dogs“I value my Catholic education because it taught me the respect of self, other students and faculty, which was lived out through the Catholic values taught throughout each and every school day. A strong sense of community helped me to cultivate lifelong bonds between myself, fellow students, faculty and school administration. The entire school community knew who I was and cared about me, and I about them.”
Brendan Keeney,
’10, Alumnus, St. Mary’s Academy, Baldwinsville

“Catholic schools work for many reasons, but I believe one of the primary reasons is family. Our families are very involved in all we do in our schools—from Masses and prayer services, to homework help, to all the necessary fundraisers. The students could not even be here if not for the sacrifices that families have made to send their children to Catholic school. The success of Catholic schools is tied to our families at home and also to our family here at school. We are not just a cluster of classrooms, but we are a school family. Everyone knows and cares about everyone! The closeness that the students feel allows them to be comfortable so that they are able to work to their potential.”
Karen Reynolds,
3rd Grade Teacher, Trinity Catholic School


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