CAPs Off to Preserving Inner City Catholic Education

| January 20, 2010

With a rainbow of smiling faces in Pre-K through Grade 6, the Cathedral Academy at Pompei (CAP) represents the diocese’s commitment to preserving Catholic education in the inner city. Located in one of Syracuse’s most needy areas, students at CAP represent 20 different nationalities and ethnicities. Because many of CAP’s students live under the poverty level, the school relies heavily on support from The Guardian Angel Society, founded by the late Msgr. Joseph Champlin, to provide its students with tuition assistance. In the past few years, CAP’s graduation rate has risen significantly, and many of the students go on to attend area Catholic high schools. “We are truly doing the Lord’s work at CAP by reaching out to those in our community who are truly in need and providing
these students with the educational foundations that are sure to have a life-long impact,” said CAP Principal Chuck LaBarbera.”

Category: Stewardship

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