$75,000 Donation Brings Science to Life at Notre Dame

| January 20, 2011

By Jim Jones

Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School students received a great surprise that is bringing state-of-the-art technology to both the biology and chemistry laboratories at the Utica-area school.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor,
the Notre Dame school community recently received a donation of $75,000, which allowed for the purchase of the latest in mobile laboratory stations. Students are now able to work cooperatively on laboratory projects at the new stations, where they can examine microscopic cells, perform dissections, and learn about how organ systems work together within the body.

Sr. Anna Mae Collins, CSJ, principal, was overwhelmed by the benevolence of the donor. “Notre Dame has always been committed to the teaching and learning of math and science,” she said. “This puts us on the cutting edge, as we educate the physicians and research scientists of tomorrow.”

Biology teacher Mark Madden is thrilled to see Notre Dame students working in the new lab. “Our students are having greater interaction and a better learning experience. The mobile stations are much more functional, with water and other hookups right in each station,” he said. “The study of biology is interactive. Students are able to see more clearly what’s going on, as we work on these projects, as well as test enzymes, nutrients, and more.”

The donation also made possible the purchase of two ultra SMARTboards, which enable teachers to easily prepare multimedia presentations utilizing music, movie clips and more, and help students more easily grasp difficult science concepts.

Jim Jones is the development director for Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School and Notre Dame Elementary School.

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