2010-2011 Program Enhancement Grants for Technology

| January 20, 2012

Students of the Week at St. James School earn the privilege of taking home an iPad for a long weekend.

Each year, the schools of the Syracuse Roman Catholic Diocese are encouraged to apply for Program Enhancement Grants made available through the Heritage Fund. To qualify, schools must show that projects truly enhance the curriculum and are required to provide measurable data to show that similar ideas have resulted in success at other sites. The grants are intended for programs, technology and other equipment that can be sustained and continue to benefit students and schools. Schools that have previously established programs with Heritage dollars received first preference in order to sustain their ideas. While Heritage funds are disbursed for a variety of efforts, a significant portion goes to support technology initiatives in many of the schools. Schools received over $45,000 in 2010-2011 Program Enhancement Grants specifically for projects related to technology.

Blessed Sacrament School: Computers on Wheels

For nine mini Net books and a cart, two laptops, one projector, three iPads and accessories

Holy Family School, Norwich: SMART and Computer Technology

For one SMARTboard, one projector, nine mini towers, nine monitors and accessories

Holy Family School, Syracuse: Computer Curriculum Project

For various software titles

Immaculate Conception School: Ticket to Read Introduction for iPads

For five iPads

Rome Catholic School: Dimension M

For 12 desktop computers, one printer and toner cartridge; and for robotics for all grade levels.

St. James School: iPad Reader/Revive the Laptops

For one iPad and additional memory for 48 computers

St. Margaret’s School: SMART Technology

For a SMARTboard, projector and accessories

St. Mary’s Academy, Baldwinsville: Lego Mindstream Robotics

For Lego robotics supplies

St. Rose of Lima School: SMARTboard Technology

For a SMARTboard with attached projector, a document camera and accessories

Seton Catholic at All Saints: SMART Technology and Learning Centers

For two SMARTboards, two projectors, eight iPod shuffles and accessories

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